The most serious issues facing Pasco Citizens are centered on improving the economy in a responsible and cost efficient manner as soon as possible. This will require a shift of focus.  Certain projects that require short-term cash outlays, but its benefits are delayed for a long-term period may need to be put on the back burner, in order to focus on those that will deliver game changing economic benefits in the shorter term.

Create a Clear Path for Business Opportunities

Pasco County has much to offer the business community:

- A large, mature and experienced work force.

- Low cost of living, compared to other counties in Florida.

- Pasco is not a union county, because Florida is a right-to-work State.

- Large amounts of undeveloped land, available at a reasonable cost.

Pasco County is the best kept secret in Florida!!! Time to get the word out and entice businesses’ to set up shop in our County that will create a vast amount of jobs.

Reduce Government Regulation

Government involvement is a major contributor to private business failure, regulation needs to be minimal or in some cases non-existent.  We can all agree that regulation is a key factor in safety and environmentally sensitive cases, but government regulations such as certain code enforcements can be stifling to a small business owner and these regulations need to be considered by the Board to stream line business development.

If government regulations, and permitting requirements, are temporarily suspended the government will not require as much tax revenue.

- Implementation of tax breaks incentives for new businesses’ needs to be explored. In order for job creation to exist.

- Taxes are already stretching the private business sectors to the breaking point, a reduction for business startups and business expansions will help aid the company to create jobs.

Spending Cuts:

This is the only practical method of reducing the size and reach of government into the private sector.

- We need to identify approved projects that hold little significance to the economic stimulus of the County and make sure we are moving in the correct direction toward the goal of boosting our economy.

- Identify public services that may be considered as candidates for out sourcing or privatization to local Pasco companies.

- Make sure due-diligence is done on cost before approved funding is allocated, frivolous spending must stop.


Shorten Pasco’s Permit Process

Put simply, “permitting” is the main ingredient needed in any business venture to move forward.  The permitting process needs to be streamlined, so that private business can flourish.

- In many cases, I have spoken with business owners who have lost valuable time and money because their Permit to proceed has been delayed.

- We need to make sure all of our Counties Businesses’ have the green light to go-ahead in our economy.

Constitutionally Principled Leadership

I firmly believe in our Founding Fathers formulation of our country. Independence and freedom are upheld by our Constitution and this single document is the backbone of America… The Constitution is a rock solid document that is the true formula for how government must operate.  This document has been beaten up by our governing body.  It is time constitutional values and ideals are held up in public office.  I personally assure you, that any agenda, document, or legislation will be thoroughly checked citing the Constitution, before I cast the peoples’ vote.

- Legislation that holds any characteristic of being unconstitutional will be voted NO…

- Federal involvement in our Counties Affairs will not be tolerated.

- Our Forefathers main concern in formulating this Nation’s Independence, was that citizens with high morals and strong virtue ethics held public office.  These characteristics are the only way a governing body will remain just.

Abolish Parks and Recreation Fees

Currently Little League, PAL football, soccer, and all other youth organized sports leagues, are being charged up to 10.00 per child, participating in his or her desired sport.  These fees appear in the registration fee and most are unaware of the fee.  County government back in 1980’s claimed the parks would be taken care of by the government budget.  County pools are also in danger of being closed, a few were closed already, I will fight to keep the pools open and abolish these fees.

- Our children need a place to have recreation and sports; this is not a luxury, but an inherent need for a healthy youth.

-County parking fees at parks need to be removed.  These are an expense on the county and an irritation to residents.

- The county is losing money collecting a fee by employing parking enforcement for a redundant regulation.


Open Doors to New Business and New Jobs

It’s time the formula changes in order to attract new businesses to Pasco County. We need to have workshops dedicated to the soul-purpose of seeking out new industry and businesses to boost our economy.  With the projected population growth our County is facing, approximately a few hundred thousand more citizens by 2025 we have to focus on our economy.

- Invite private-sector, bi-partisan business representatives together with government leaders to make recommendations for an incentive program designed to attract new businesses or the expansion of existing businesses.

- Recognize County issues in today’s market economy.

- The best solutions may come from those business leaders dealing with the issues daily in the work place.

- The government leaders can examine these suggestions for feasibility and calculate cost savings.

- Which areas of the permitting process can be stream lined.

- What tax breaks can be offered to businesses in return for creating jobs now.

- Offer low cost land purchases to businesses willing to build factories in Pasco.

- Which government regulations hinder the businesses most?

A fresh new approach needs to be factored into our changing population growth and economic needs for Pasco to have a strong economy and high quality of life.

Public safety

Our Sherriff’s department and Fire department are vital to our citizen’s safety and quality of life; we need to make sure that they have the necessary tools and funding to perform their duties to the highest quality.

- We need to protect our officers and make sure they are funded properly, while facing new challenges in the field.

- Crime has changed forms with this pill epidemic; we must make sure our families are kept safe.

- Firefighters and paramedics are a necessity and in order for them to respond in a timely manner, they need support and adequate funding to provide the care needed to our citizens.


Introducing new ideas, applying innovative fresh policy.

- Look into new tourist attraction projects to boost our economy.

- Seek out successful privatized business tourist entities for possible development in Pasco County.

- Allow for the formulation of golf cart communities.

- Business marketing is vital in today’s technological economy, time to reduce regulation on businesses with LED sign marketing to promote economic growth in our county.

- Exhaust every avenue of business development and seek out productive forms of job creation.

In summary, the formula has to change, we cannot continue to do the same things the same way and expect different results. Now is the time for fresh ideas, bold leadership and game-changing solutions. Together we can make a difference for all the Citizens of Pasco County!